Meet Coach Mary Ellen

IMG_0408-2Welcome to Your Dreams Your Goals Life Coaching website!

Since you are looking for someone to help you get through those stuck places in your life, let me take some time to introduce myself.  In order for you to meet Coach Mary Ellen, I have put together some background information.  I have listed my formal training and a little bit about my family and work background.

Why I am a Life Coach:

In graduate school, my minor was in counseling. I was trained to use therapeutic, problem-based approaches to help people solve problems. I was frustrated with those problem-based approaches. Life Coaching is different.
Life Coaching allows me to help people build on their strengths, not dwell on deficiencies. Life Coaching is working in the present, not digging up the past. Life Coaching allows me to work in partnership with my client, not as an expert telling my client what to do.

Formal Training:
• Graduate training from Indiana University (MSed, PhD)
• Nationally Certified School Psychologist with 25 years of experience
• Certified Professional Coach
• Usui Reiki Master

Life Experience:
• Married
• Children (son and a daughter)
• Grandchildren
• In manufacturing:   Inside sales and  Customer Service Manager
• Meditation Group Leader
• Church Discipleship Chair

Now that you have some background, you may want to know if I am a good listener and if I would be the right coach for you.  If you really want to meet Coach Mary Ellen, contact me for a complementary Skype session and see for yourself.